Newtrendz Company Ltd was officially formed in 2002 where we specialized in automobile restoration and modifications. Over the years we have managed to anchor our brand as a trusted household name in the automotive industry here in Jamaica The demand for our services and professionalism was even greater in the importation and servicing of a motor vehicle and based on that overwhelming demand our operations expanded by three additional business lines, Transportation, Car Care, and Accessories and Electronics. We now cater to all your automotive mobility needs, we offer full-service packages up to 5years for all motor cars, trucks, & SUV supplied by us. We believe that our core values have given us a unique advantage within the market space we operate. Welcome to Newtrendz experience where quality is redefined. From products, technologies, & services to culture & spirit, there are many things that we do that we are immensely proud of in Jamaica. Regardless of tangible or intangible, we aim to be a company that contributes to the happiness & prosperity of people by delivering good things in the world to the land of Jamaica.


Newtrendz Company Ltd’s vision is to become the leading automotive service provider in the Caribbean, through the enhancement of technology and offering value-added services and products to our client that is anchored by our Core Values. From products, technologies, and services to culture and spirit, there are many things that Japan is proud of in the world. Regardless of tangible or intangible, we aim to be a company that can contribute to the happiness and prosperity of people by delivering “Japan’s good things” in the world to the world.


Newtrendz Company Ltd aims to provide a distinguished experience to every customer through professionalism, service, and innovation in a very friendly and efficient manner, creating a true customer value.


• Act with Honesty and Integrity

• Treat every employee and customer fairly and with respect

• Be emphatic to our customers

• Follow the rules and regulations wherever we do business